The following presentation and videos provide an overview of the efarm model and how efarmdirect works .

The eFarm Model : An Overview
A slide presentation which explains the basics of agri crisis , efarm's solution.

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A 4 part video series which features Venkat, founder of eFarm explains in simple way the background to the agri supply chain crisis, eFarm's solution and how efarmDirect assists farmers to improve their income.

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Srivalli , CEO of eFarm talks at the TIE Chennai event on the 'Road Less Travelled' which outlines the typical challenges faced by Social entrepreneurs and how we overcome.

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eFarmDirect  : Video FAQ    <View in Youtube Channel >
Common queries Registration Queries Farmer Queries
eFarmDirect - Basics How much does it cost to register ? How does farmer set price ?
eFarmDirect - Detailed Walk through What data is collected How to access via phone ?
Key features and usage How to get better income and prices ?
efarm and efarmdirect - How do they complement ? What if transaction goes wrong ?