What is eFarmDirect ? Farmer Buyer Agro Supplier Others
An introduction to what, why, how this portal works and benefits the agri industry .  If you are a farmer or aggregator of farm produce we can assist in  marketing , reaching more buyers and fetching better prices .
If you are a  bulk buyer of farm based products , eFarmDirect can provide wider choice of sources , plan your procurement in advance and reduce costs .

If you are provider of inputs or services to the agro industry and want to reach out to the farrmer community , eFarmDirect can help in identifying your potential clients .  Are you an institution working for farmers welfare and want to partner with us? Are you interested to become an efarm franchisee and become a local liasion ? 
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What is efarmdirect ?

Why do we need this ?

How does one use this ?

How to register in the portal ? What are the fees ?

Who is efarm ?


How will this benefit farmer ?

Can a person use it if they don’t know computers ?

What all produces can we list in the portal ?

Will you directly buy/sell the produce ?
Who fixes the rate ?
How will money from buyer be transferred ?
What if buyer refuses to pay or cancels transation without notice ?


Who will fit in a buyer category ? Can a house wife buy online through your portal ? 

What are the key problems from  buyers side which the portal would address ? 

How will this benefit buyer ?

Are the products organic ?

Who will ensure the quality of the produce and that the goods are transported on time ?

Agro Supplier

How will this benefit an agro supplier ?


I am interested to partner with eFarm and open a local centre in my location . How can i sign up ?
I belong to a agri related institution / NGO / CSR team . How will this benefit my work ?